Firmware 2.1.2

The firmware 2.1.2 is available for the download. (version 2.1.1 has not been made public on purpose)

The firmware is available on the Downloads page .

This release brings number of minor changes and bug fixes. See changelog for the details.



Hi. Thanks for the latest version.
I hope you are still working on the brightness control for HW 2.1, because the high frequency noise of my unit is really annoying! Thx.

Thanks for this release @martin,
I have implemented the Preset Request feature in my Bitwig Control script. It does it after firmware version check, so it gracefully steps back to the old & crude method (Patch Request).

v1.13 Bitwig Control for Electra One

Enjoy! :heart:

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some weirdness here. As you know, I’ve been playing around with LUA files and loading them into the E1 either via the ‘Edit LUA script’ button in a preset or using the sandbox.

Well, I noticed today that in the log file, I keep seeing messages like this:

208287 sendSysexFile: the file does not exists: filename=ctrlv2/p007.epr

and the USB MIDI port is constantly flashing. I tried a firmware reset (holding down middle left button until boot screen is done) and there are no presets showing on the E1.
That file name (ctrlv2/p007.epr) looks like it was generated when I loaded a LUA file using the sandbox. Any idea how to clear this condition?

EDIT - it only seems to happen when the ELectraOne app is connected showing logging. It doesn’t happen with a regular preset loaded.

The ElectraOne app runs a regular check of the current preset. It is done by sending a SysEx call to the Electra controller. As you removed the all presets there the request cannot be satisfied.

This preset file is requested as that preset slot is currently set as active.

If you switch to preset slot 1 and load a preset there, the warning message will disappear. Or, you can, of course, load a preset to the current slot.

Got it. Since it’s all new for me, I try to understand what is normal/expected and what is a result of my user errors. lol

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All perfectly ok, just keep asking. It’s all good points, I will reflect it in my work on the firmware.