Firmware 2.1.0

The firmware 2.1.0 is available for the download.

This version is based on number of beta releases and it brings further major improvements of Electra One controller. Even though it is fully backward compatible regarding the presets, there are quite some changes in the communcation with the ElectraOne Console app and the USB connection setup.

The format of the firmware update file has changed as well. In order to update to the new firmware, the new Electra One Console app needs to be installed first. You can get it at Management applications | Electra One Documentation

Once you have the new console app installed and running, download the new firmware file from Electra One firmware | Electra One Documentation and unzip it.

For the first update from version < 2.0.0, you will need to click the recessed Update button on the back panel of the controller (it is located next to the MIDI IO DIN connectors). The Electra One Console will indicate that the controller has been switched to the Update mode. Once you are in the update mode, click the “Update…” button in the application and select the downloaded .img file. Subsequent updates will not require pushing of the button. It is needed only once for the first update to version 2.1.0.


  • Reworked rendering, updates of controls should be smoother and faster
  • Improved MIDI messaging in both direction. Electra handles heavy traffic better now.
  • Outgoing MIDI messaging can be now rate limited. ie. it is possible to adjust speed of MIDI messaging for slower devices (eg. Yamaha TX81z is a good example of such device)
  • Program messages can be used with lists and faders. It used to be limited to pads only.
  • Response of switching the active control sets with the LCD touch improved.
  • Response of switching the active control sets with the hardware buttons (left side buttons) improved.
  • The active controls set can be now indicated with more ways (dim, bars, background, and off)
  • Electra uses new USB vendor/product identifiers. Your operating system might see it as completely new devices after the update.
  • Compatibility with iConnectivity routers resolved.
  • Incoming SysEx messages can be virtually unlimited. There used to be limit of 512 bytes.
  • Number of shapshots extended to 432 per preset. The essential snapshot management added, it is available in the new ElectraOne Console app. Please note, there is still a lot to do.
  • Issues with handling unsigned negative values resolved.
  • Brightness control added for HW revisions 2.2 and higher. 2.1 will be added soon. This also helps to reduce the issue of high frequency noise that some of the Electras may produce.
  • Lua scripting added. I will make a post in another thread as it is a topic of its own. The Lua integration turns Electra into a powerful MIDI processing device. And provides elegant solutions for many of feature requests on our development list.

The firmware has been tested by us and also many users helped with it. I would like to say big thank you to everybody involved. There still might be issues though. I have learnt over the time that user setups can be so different that it is close to impossible to test and discover all issues. I will be fully available to help with updates and resolving issues in coming two days. If you need me, just reach me on the website chat or on the forum.

Also, I will be making updates to the documentation - quite some stuff changed.

We also released an updated version of the Web editor

It brings much faster loading of Preset lists, adds possibility to assign tags to the presets and use them for filtering, edit Lua scripts, assign Lua callbacks, and lots of minor improvements / fixes.

We decided to start the work on preset filtering with the tags as it provides a very free form of annotating presets. We will observe how you (users) use the tags and will be turning some of them in to categories, etc. We did not want to invent that by ourselves. We will follow your ideas.



One question, the ElectraOne Console (for MacOS X) says MacOS X version 2.0b (20 May 2021) on the website, but the downloaded app says version 1.0 (18 May 2021). Is that correct?


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Hi @joris.roling, you mean the version info in the info.plist I assume. It is not optimal but it is ok for now. I spent majority of the day yesterday on signing and validating the new app. Unfortunately, I did not succeed. As I wanted to get the firmware out I provided these unsigned versions. It works fine but it will be replaced with a signed app with proper version ids later this weekend.


congratulation on getting this out @martin .

more stable, more robust, more performance…
and a hole load of new features, and flexiblity.

a really major update… extending the potential of the electra one ever further.

its amazing how you keep on pushing forward the electra one!

thank you.


well, @tomas and @akira have done a great job too!


I’m incredibly interested in having access to the Lua scripting engine - this feature elevates the device’s potential applications considerably (and saves me from building a similar but incredibly hacky prototype device).

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@martin , @Tomas , @akira ,

I have been using Firmware 2.1.0 now, and I have to say it feels fantastic. Things feel snappier, buttons/touch-interface/response feels better. A certain bug that was bothering me was fixed. Thank you so much for this release, it made a great product that much greater!

I can’t stop recommending this product to others. Cheers to your team!


I am on windows 10 and I cannot upgrade the electra console. You indicate:
“We are currently working on the application installers. For now, you need to install the application manually by copying it to appropriate filesystem directories.”
Other than copying the file to my c program files, I don’t see what to do.
At launch I have a message “vcruntime 140. Dll missing”, it is also a file which is already present in my Windows 32 system.
Thank you very much, I would like to take advantage of this famous update!

Hello !
I’ve updated to the new firmware, but I’ve had a few freeze issues since. I can’t really tell when they arrived. A couple happened when I was away from the computer for some time and came back to a frozen E1. But today I came back from my lunch, wiggled a knob for a second (the value updated) and the E1 froze on me. Could it be related to leaving the controller untouched for some time ? I haven’t had an issue during normal use yet. I’ll keep you posted if I get any more of them. Apart from that the new update is great :grin:

Hi @Jesse,

what version of operating system do you run? And is there any MIDI activity at the time when it locks up or just connected to a computer?

Hi Martin,

I’m running Ableton live 10 on a MacBook pro (High Sierra). I’ve also got a Launch Pad Pro MK3 connected directly to the E1 (USB in). So the launch pad « might » be sending midi data even without being tweaked. I was using the same setup for a fair amount of time without any freeze on the previous firmware.

Let me know if there is anything I can look into to give you more info.



I have the same setup and had a lot of freezes with the new Firmware because of Midi sent from Ableton to the CTRL port of the Electra. After disabling the CTRL port everything works.

Hi StudioBischof !
Do you mean disabling the CTRL port from the ableton midi preferences ? To stop any midi info going back out from the E1 ?

I disabled the CTRL port in ableton both ways. I don’t know what caused my freezes, because I did not send anything specifically via a track to the CTRL port… Maybe the CCs of my other controllers where also sending stuff to the electra CTRL IN…

Unfortunately, the ports are already disabled in my setup. So it’s probably something else…

Probably the best thing to do is use Snoize Midi Monitor and look at the midi data being sent to the E1 just before it freezes.

I’d be looking for spurious messages, and any possibility of midi loopback.

Mine’s been freezing mostly when I exit preset editor by any method other than the designed interface ‘X’. If I close the browser tab my unit freezes and requires restart. I’ve had a couple of other ‘afk’ freezes but can’t point to any particular event which consistently causes them.

I’ve had a new freeze while working in the studio. I have a live session this Friday, so I’ll try downgrading the firmware and I’ll look back into it with midi monitor once I have more time in the studio. It’s a hard one to tackle because the freezes don’t happen too often.

Looks like I can’t downgrade anymore, the console app is looking for a firmware in img format but the 1.5 file is .frm extension.