Forum : split up ideas/feature requests

feels like it would be a good time to split all the requests (and bugs?) down into something like:

  • Controller Firmware
  • Web Editor
  • Console App
  • Forum?

this could be by categories…
or discourse has the ability to have tags…

so we could keep as is today, and just tag posts accordingly.

I think tags might work better, since currently we have bugs and FR categories, so sub-dividing both of these would create a lot of categories.

tags also have the advantage you can assign more than one e.g. a FR that might required changes to firmware and web editor.

tags, could also be used for status e.g. solved, open.

note: only original poster and moderators can add/alter tags


I like tags more. Just enabled them for the forum. Will add / edit as I work with the topic.

I would add add hardware to the list, ie.

  • controller firmware
  • web editor
  • console app
  • hardware
  • forum

of course everybody can invent our own, I will moderate it though :slight_smile:


just noticed…

so ability to created / edit tags is based on trust levels.

looks like ‘members’ can add tags to existing topics

the default is for ‘regulars’ to be able to create new tags.

(you can mess with whats needed to go to different trust levels)

the general ideas is member and above trust levels can help keep the forum organised,
by topic renaming/tags and moving topics between categories.
… its a pretty neat part of discourse.


@martin, @thetechnobear - please create the tags and we will go to town with it :smiley:.

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Seeing the new tags. Sweet! Oddly, I was able to edit only one topic that I created most recently. Older topics do not have an edit button on the title. Is that somehow dependent on how old a topic is?

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well, @shankar, you really need to be more active here :slight_smile: I am kidding, please try it now. Please try it now, I adjusted tags settings a little bit. It editing was restricted the regulars and we do not have many of them around.


The forum is my addiction, @martin. Can’t help it :stuck_out_tongue:. Works great now!