Graphics glitch

hello there,

all my graphics appear glitched out on every page. tried both resets and a variety of usb cables but no change. am able to update firmware and load a preset from the web app but can’t try going back to 1.5 as the server appears to be down.

any ideas anybody?

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Wasn’t there someone here recently who had the same problem? Maybe try a search, if what I am writing below does not work.
Iirc it’s the new macbooks not delivering sufficient power over usb.
Can you try with a powered USB hub?

Hi @duster,

it looks like that the font-file on your internal SD card got corrupted. It can be fixed by taking the following steps:

  1. Update your controller using this firmware - (317.8 KB)

  2. disconnect electra

  3. connect electra to the USB port

  4. press and hold the left-middle button when the boot up animation is active (this will format the internal SD card). The button must be pressed when the animation is in progress and it needs to be held down until the animation is completed.

  5. disconnect and connect electra again

  6. send enclosed sysex file to Electra Controller CTRL port - (206.7 KB)

  7. disconnect and connect electra again

if you have done everything correctly, Electra should start up with all graphics assets recovered, Now you can update back to the regular stable firmware - (277.4 KB)

Please let me know if it fixed the issue. Thanks!

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thanks for getting back markus and martin


updated to 3.0 a, disconnected and re-connected but no animation, still glitched out

You also have to send that (very large) sysex file to the Electra using MIDI-Ox or Sysex Librarian.
After sending that file, the graphics will be corrected, then install the 2.2 firmware.

I did this process 2 days ago. If you follow all the steps exactly, it will recover the Electra One.

Yup, I wanted to mention, that it crucial part is to upload the sysex file when 3.x software is running. @duster if you have troubles with that, we can do that together on a video call or something like that.

and she’s back!

thanks for your time and help gentlemen