Corrupted letters on screen [Resolved]

i have an issues with corrupted letters on screen
i made the procedure

  1. formatting the internal storage
  2. uploading a sysex with default files


  1. disconnect the USB cable
  2. press and hold left-middle button
  3. while the button is pressed, connected the cable
  4. keep the button pressed till the startup animation is completed

but still the same issue
probably i didnt made correct the format?

The above formats the internal storage. Have you uploaded the SysEx file with the recovery data? It was included the message I sent you earlier. The file is enclosed here too ( (206.7 KB)

Please note, this is mk1 specific procedure.

ye sits the first edition
i hold the middle left button connected usb
then i restarted the unit
open the sysex file with sysex librarian and send it through electra one cntrl port (usb)
i tried the same with a midi port to the midi input of the electra one
but i believe the problem is on the beginning it seems that it doesnt made the reset correct

when you start your electra to the computer now, can you see the animated progress bar when the controller is starting up?

no nothing appears
it black screen

dear Martin solved thanks for everything

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