Hardware synth preset name

Is there a way to send a sysex message or something like that to get a hardware synth preset name to the Electra?
I saw a similar topic in another category but without an answer.


Depends very much on the synth, AFAIK most embed the name withing the sysex dump (which of course you can extract).
Some synth especially older ones also have very weird /messy char coding system

Thanks Markus. I have a GS Music E7 synth and is about 2 years old so it should play nice with sysex dumps.
How would I go about doing this?

If it has SysEx, ask the manufacturer for the SysEx implementation guide.

Has the sysex spec

Thanks for the link. I went over there and downloaded the sysex files but I don’t know what to do with them. I’m quite green when it comes to Sysex related stuff.

You don’t need the sysex file, you need the midi implementation PDF, which also has the sysex spec.
On how to deal with the information in there, check the fantastic Info provided here by @NewIgnis and @oldgearguy. Also of course the Electra One manual

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Thanks for your help @markus.schloesser @NewIgnis, I’ll dive into it and find some info. Cheers!

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