Hosting provider migration

Hi everybody,

We are about to migrate all websites and web apps to the Google cloud.

I do not expect any outages, but one never knows. I will start with tonight (Jan 1st, 20:00 - 24:00 CET). If everything goes ok, and will be migrated tomorrow (Jan 2nd, 11:00 - 15:00 CET).

The risk of losing your work is minimal but not using the service in these two time windows is safer :slight_smile:

Google could should provide faster app responses globally and it will make my life easier as well.



3 Likes is migrated and it is safe to use.

4 Likes and migration is in progress now. You may get following message:

Do not log in to the site as long as this is shown, communication between your browser and the servers is not encrypted now. The message will disappear as soon as the cryptography keys are generated.

Everything is migrated and finished. Pls ping me, if you noticed anything strange regarding the web applications / ssl certificates / domains. Thanks!


I have noticed that direct links to presets do not work on the new servers. I am looking at how to make it work.

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Resolved. All links that point to specific preset pages work again.