[Resolved] Website down?

@Tomas ,

is the website down?
I can’t acces the presets page anymore, and the home page is terribly slow.
Here’s the message I get when goings to the presets on the website:
“wachten op” = “waiting for”

yes. No access to app.electra.one…
Difficult to base the “functionality” or “access” of the hardware on the accessibility of a website :frowning:

Guys, I am trying to find out what is happening. I tried from from Prague and Amsterdam connection and I get a working service:

I am trying to find out if there are no problems with routing in EU or something like that.

I’m at Cologne, Germany back in game. :+1:

Hello! any news on a standalone editor integrated to console? Thanx :wink:

is okay from Belgium as well

You’re in Cologne as well?
That’s now 3 people from here