How to 'rate throttle' your device?

I see the device section supports ‘rate’.

but i cannot find documentation.

what value do i have to put in? is it in percentage or max updates per second?

There is an optional rate attribute of the device object in the JSON. You can use it to specify the time lag between individual messages. The lag is specified in milliseconds. A snippet from the docs:


A minimum wait time between sending MIDI messages to a device, specified in milliseconds.

  • optional
  • numeric
  • min = 10
  • max = 1000
"devices": [
      "id": 1,
      "name": "My MKS-50",
      "instrumentId": "roland-mks50",
      "port": 1,
      "channel": 1,
      "rate": 20

… sends messages in 20ms intervals.


Ah thanks, I guess I need glasses was really looking in the docs.
This will be great for the DX11 template. No more midi buffer overflows I hope.