Web app removes device definition "rate"

Hi I am trying to add rate to throttle the messages.

whenever I add this on the json on the web app or directly in a .epr file and import that one:

  "devices": [
      "id": 9,
      "name": "Ensoniq Mirage Masos",
      "port": 1,
      "channel": 1,
      "rate": 100
   }  ],

I get again

  "devices": [
      "id": 1,
      "name": "Generic MIDI",
      "port": 1,
      "channel": 1

just adding "rate": 100 also did not work.

masostest-3.epr (1.7 KB)

This is a bit stupid. Its working fine and there is even a config option for it in the device section of the app.

"rate": "550"

Added to the issue list. I will review that.

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