Improving of sharing, instruments and templates

  1. Sharing
    When you publish a preset it’s by default ‘private’.
    I think that does not really promote sharing. Often people just forget to set it to public I assume.

  2. Uploading new version .epr
    When you make a new preset in JSON a new version the web app does not offer to upload a new version so I always delete and upload the latest.
    This breaks links to the preset and the version history.

  3. categories
    Also wouldn’t it be an idea to group ‘presets’ into 3 categories: hardware, software, demo/tutorial ?

3.1 demo/tutorial category:
The demo/tutorial category can include components containing a demo of lua code which then can be linked in the docs as well.

  1. Instrument files
    Can Instrument files be created from templates?
    Isn’t it an idea to distill instrument files from templates in an instrument file db?

Of course there are many more preset that have not been shared. I kind of prefer to leave the decision about making a preset public on each user. I think the quality of presets would suffer if the preset were made public by default. We could put some kind of reminder in place though… that could work.

This is the next step of the version control. Also, a way to edit the Patch in the editor will be added. When having that in place, the versions will be much more useful.

It is possible to attach tags to the presets. Tags are kind of free style catagories. Some users started using them already. We would like to turn some of the tags to fixed categories in the future.

Perfect. I like the idea.

yes, it is possible but with introduction of Lua script a bit of extra work is needed on that. I have that on my todo.

thanks for sharing your input!