Issues w/ Button Response


Love using my MK1 within a big template that controls all of my effects within ableton. I bought it used, and I have noticed that the bottom right button (the one used for switching pages on a template) takes quite a bit of force to activate. Sometimes so much that I don’t get any feedback without several tries. I have removed and re-seated the button, which might have made the problem worse.

Any tips on how to go about what seems like it should be relatively easy maintenance? The other buttons bounce back a little after I touch them, whereas this button is slightly more sunken and doesn’t quite react to being pushed.


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A good first step would be to post some pictures that illustrate the problem or record a video.

It sounds like you have taken your E1 apart. If you compare the different parts of that button witj other working buttons, what differences do you see?

There are two conductive pellets attached to each rubber button. Maybe they got loose. Also, the PCB under the button must be clean. The “naked” PCB traces are golden-anodized, so they should not degrade.

If you want I can send you two new rubber buttons. Just to make sure you have good buttons. Sillicone glue is best for sealing the buttons. Care must be paid to putting the glue onto the outer edge of the buttons.

Another option is to send the unit for servicing to us. Servicing would be free of charge but you would have to cover the shipping costs.

Hi Martin,

Yes! I don’t see the conductive pellets at the bottom of the detached button, so it does appear that they went missing (this seems to have been a problem when I first acquired the unit). Let me know how to be in touch re: choosing a shipment method, as I’m somewhat new to using the forum part of the site.



Please send me your address / phone by email or as PM (private message on the forum). I will ask Zdenek to send you a pair of new buttons. Cheers!