Issues with Instrument file

Hi all,

I’ve been using @thetechnobear 's rad Preset2Instrument and Pyramid2Instrument python converters but seem to be running into some issues when I go to use these in the Electra One editor.

So, the import of the .eif seems to work well, and pre-loads the editor with the controls that are needed. When I drag one of these onto a page, one by one, it seems to start the ‘Parameter number’ field from 1,2,3. However, the .eif has the correct id set. Am I missing something? See below for an example of the eif for a Digitakt, with cc 81 as the correct id for “Amp Overdrive”

            "id": "81",
            "max": 127,
            "min": 0,
            "msg": "cc7",
            "name": "Amp overdrive",
            "type": "fader"

And here’s an example of the id not mapping through in the editor.

Thanks for your help, yall.

What if you export this template again?

You can then verify the naming and structure.

Current version of the json instrument definition is “version”:2
Maybe @thetechnobear his tool is for “version”:1 ?

yeah, Ive not updated this, so could be a difference in v1 vs v2 spec.

as @Flyweight said, if you change the parameter number back to what it should be (81), then export the eif - then comparing the two should tells us what’s changed.
hopefully its something simple like the name has changed from id to something else.