Beta presets & Public

Hi @martin,

I made a quick performace template for the Elektron Analog Four, nothing special.

Can I publish (generic) presets (like this), I made with the Beta web editor?
Would it work for people NOT having the beta firmware?

I thought I’d ask before I publish.


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Hi @joris.roling, I will release the latest version of the firmware and website tonight. So, I’d suggest to wait for that. I will make an announcement when it’s done.


v3.2 is out now - both firmware / web editor. I will write a post with more info about that tomorrow.


Any specific changes that I should take into account or could use to my advantage for the remote script?

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hi, anywhere I can find 3.2 changelog? thanks!

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You can find it in the Controller :: Update firmware section in

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Nothing that would affect your remote script. Also, I used firmware 3.2 with the Ableton a lot, it seems to work just fine.

Ok. I was mainly asking to check if any new features are in 3.2 that I could use for the remote script.

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