Locking Up when page is changed to an empty slot

I’m editing in OS 3.5 in the ‘My Test Preset’. I have buttons that change the page. When I use the touch screen everything works just fine. When I turn a knob that activates the button to change the page + when it switches to a page with no control in that slot (where the knob is located) the Electra locks up.

I have to turn off the Electra to get it back.

If I start from a slot where there is no Control, nothing adverse happens. It only occurs when the knob Control changes the page to an empty slot. It’s very repeatable.

I know I can get around this by going into the JSON code and disconnecting the knobs from the buttons. That’s what I’ll try next. But it didn’t work, as soon as I close the JSON window the code reverts back.

The other thing it does is it turns off the left three rubber zone selection buttons. Sometimes the knobs still work but the zone select stops working. Soon after, the knobs quit working too.

OK, I tried control:setPot (CONTROL_SET_1, POT_0)
but it doesn’t work, it doesn’t like me selecting a value of 0.
So how do I turn Off the knob control in LUA?

I just want to confirm I read and understood the issue. I am looking at it as I work on the upcoming release.

Yes, the problem is very repeatable. I could get around it if I could turn off knob control in LUA, like setting the Pot to zero. The setPot command currently only allows a number from 1 to 12.