E1 mkII freeze when subscribing to POTS events

My E1 mkII (v3.3.2) is freezing (no reaction to knob touch, knob movements, button presses, incoming MIDI data, …) when the preset’s lua script is registering for pot touch events. I’ve uploaded a preset that demonstrates the issue: Electra One App

After loading that preset on the E1, start wiggling all 12 knobs for about a minute. After some seconds, the E1 freezes. My E1 never managed to survive longer than a minute. Only thing you can do is reset the device.

It seems that this is caused by subscribing to the pot events. Simply go into the lua script and comment out line 5 and line 11-13:



--function events.onPotTouch(potId, controlId, touched)
  -- test

Upload the script and restart the E1 to avoid another bug (will report later). Wiggle the 12 knobs - the E1 won’t freeze!

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edit: mk1 here.
Loaded your preset, wiggle and wiggle and wiggle… mine does not freeze; GUI slows down…
At the moment I don’t have any connections besides main USB.

I don’t find an easy way to wiggle all 12 Pots at the same time…
Specifically page 1?

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I’ve been seeing the same with my mk II.

I think it might have to do with the refreshing repainting taking place. I haven’t had the time to debug the issue, but it’s definitely a thing

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It has been resolved (it works on my computer :wink: in version 3.4 on mk2. I will look at mk1 later this week.


I’ll give it a try tomorrow. No worries on the mk I, I’ve run out of room on that thing for my recent efforts.

Tested v3.4 while developing over the last hour and not a single freeze on the device. Thanks a lot!

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I also had some time to test and soc far, the 3.4 version has been very solid with the encoder turns.

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