Electra One control

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we talked about with @martin it in this thread : Where does the Electra One fit in your setup? - #14 by martin

It will be great to swith presets and banks with another midi controller connected to the USB host port (assigned to CTRL port) which could also send messages to a DAW or other hardware gear (assigned to port 1 or 2).

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I wanted to make sure that the MIDI messages are flowing through Electra without bigger latencies first (v1.5). The feature (we discussed) is bascially implemented already but it needs to be added to the configuration section of app.electra.one web. I expect it to go out reasonably soon.

Btw upcoming 1.5.1 includes fix that allows Electra to work flawlessly with iConnectivity devices. As you have one I do believe that you will be able to configure Mio to do the same same job as a temporary workaround.


Perfect :ok_hand: Thanks !