Map different parameters to parts of the range of a single control

Sometimes performing a task on a hardware synth takes 4 or 5 steps because of the limited interface, but some tasks could be made more efficient on the Electra if multiple parameters could be mapped to different parts of the range of a single control.

This technique is sometimes used for space-saving on hardware synths. For example, on the Access Virus turning this knob up to 12 o’clock controls one parameter and turning it past 12 o’clock controls a related parameter.


I’ve been designing a preset for the Yamaha TX81Z, and I was hoping to simplify the coarse frequency adjustment controls on the Electra. Each operator can have a frequency that’s a multiple of the note pressed (called ‘ratio’) or a fixed frequency. Instead of controlling these 3 parameters with 3 controllers I’d like to control all 3 parameters with 1 controller, like so.

In this example the first 9 on the list would set the operator to ‘ratio’ and a ratio value, but the remaining 7 settings would switch it to ‘fixed’ and set its frequency. The control would have to switch MIDI parameters to do this.

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