CC7 with small list

Whats the best way of doing this.

I’ve have a parameter that really only has 3 values. Call them Option 1, 2, 3

However, the midi implementation maps multiple values to a single option. Ie Value 0 - 42 sent to the relevant CC map to option 1, 42 - 85 to option 2, then anything above 85 to option 3

At the moment I’ve got a list just with 3 options (value 0, 43 and 86) but I can’t guarantee that those are the only values that electra will receive. Is there a way of mapping a range of values just to one option on a list?

I seen that people resolve this by making a fader with an overlay that has all the values and uses only three labels. The ranges would be perfect for these situations. It is on the development todo but the priority is not super high right now.

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Ok I can see how that could work