Control two parameters at once?

Hey! So I just did a preset for a new synth called The Prince that got me thinking. Perhaps this is already implemented, but…

Is there any way to tell electra to move to parameters at once with a single knob?

Also, is there a way to tell it to move the parameters as they exist in the relationship they currently exist in? For example: The prince has two layers. When mapping its parameters to ableton, you can only expose each individual layer’s parameters. so when you move the knob you are only controlling one of the layers at a time. In the VST, you can lock the layers so they move together, but they don’t expose that option in the host automation mapping. You can’t automate locked together parameters. So I was wondering if electra could do it – without making the second layer parameter jump to match the first one. Essentially just - leave parameters as they are in current relationship they are in, but move them up or down respectively. Does it make sense?

I ask as the presets in The Prince have different values assigned to each layer, and some sound very nice that way. I’d like to move them around, but move them around together in the relationship they currently have.


I think too it would be a great idea to be able to combine multiple parameters in one knob, but also in other ways.

For instance:

  • Minimooglike instruments such as the Roland SE-02 typically have two switches for Filter keyboard tracking, one for 1/3 and one for 2/3. On the E1 it makes sense to be able to combine these two into one selection list with 4 values: none (both off), 1/3, 2/3, full (both on). Ones needs a ‘truth table’ to set this.

  • Another example of the SE-02: combine the unipolar Filter Contour with the Norm/invert switch, into one bipolar Filter Contour fader.

    • With negative values, the filter contour is fed its absolute values, and the norm/invert switch gets value 127.
    • With positive values, the filter contour is fed its absolute values, and the norm/invert switch gets value 0.

Can this be done via scripting already? If so, can anyone teach me?

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Hi, I also feel the need sometimes (but not that often) to split one parameter into two:

  • again an example from the SE-02: there is a selection switch for Sync with 4 values:

    • LFO & Delay
    • Delay only
    • LFO only
    • No sync

In this case it makes sense to translate it into the E1 as two separate buttons:

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Hi Nicolas, the new version of the SE-02 preset (v4) contains two examples:
The filter keytrack has become one selection list, while these are 2 midi-cc. You may find this rather complicated, because at the same time I had to deal with sysex which gives values 0 or 1, while their midi cc counterpartners work with 0 and 127.
And I wanted to be able to use midi cc bidirectionally as well
The solution is as follows:

  • the single control is a virtual one
  • the virtual control is related to the two separate bytes of the sysex via the patch editor.
  • When its value is changed on the E1, a function choiceKt is fired which will send both midi CC’s.
  • When one of the midi CC is received by tweaking the SE-02, the midi callback function fires that will divide the received value by 127, look up the other control via a parameterMap.get, combine both and store them in the virtual controller.

The other example is the lfo and delay sync, but this time the other way round: it’s one CC on the SE-02 that I split in two pads on the E 1.