Matrix 1000

Hey all, I’ve recently rediscovered my Electra One a few weeks ago (more like, I’m getting my priorities straight), and hoping to get the E1 working with my M1000 which has been collecting dust. Has anyone in here managed to make a preset for that device? I remember seeing something for the Matrix 6 a while back, but that seems to have disappeared.

If not, I can take a stab at it after going through the documentation.


hey, there is a preset. haven’t tried it on my matrix 6.
but be sure to acquire the firmware from tauntek.
You can expect fast reponse and filter sweeps.
I am using the firmware with an Alpes Machines controller on my Matrix 6.


Hey there! Sorry for the late reply. I haven’t been on the forum in quite some time.
Thanks so much for letting me know about the new preset. Glad this one also works with the M1000. I will add and test this out very soon. Perhaps this upcoming weekend.

And yes, I have the latest firmware from Tauntek, which is 1.20 I believe.
Cheers for the heads up!

I’ve made one with patch request recently. Would love to get your feedback