MIDI Dump comparison tool

This is a tool I created to help map the values of the Access Virus Rack, as they weren’t documented. It can be run in a browser (only tested in Chrome).

I set up a pad on the Electra One to more conveniently trigger a dump. I used Midi Monitor on my MacBook to record the MIDI messages out of the synth. To use:

  • Copy and paste one dump in the first text area, tweak a parameter on the synth, trigger a second dump, and paste that into the second text area.
  • Press ‘Compare’
  • The differences between the dumps are highlighted and the byte number is shown at the bottom of the page.
  • Repeat.



Fantastic, thank you so much. Work like a charm in Chrome.
(A little less so in Safari, the highlight is misaligned, see image, but I’m not complaining :wink:)



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yeah great, thanks for sharing!

@Flyweight I think this will make your work on AS-1 easier :slight_smile:

haha yeah definitely this together with sendmidi, recievemidi cheers Tim