Access Virus Rack

This is a template for the Access Virus Rack from 2001, a more affordable version of the Virus B from 1999.


This is only set to transmit on MIDI channel 2.

Make sure you have a MIDI cable from the synth going back into the Electra One so you can ‘handshake’ and use the [PATCH REQUEST] button, which syncs up the settings of the 2 devices. Also, set MIDI Control LowPage to SysEx on the Virus.

This was quite a labour of love to get working, because the MIDI dump from the Virus is undocumented, so I had to comb through it byte by byte!

I’ve added graphics wherever I could to add more meaning to the settings, including images of the 64 waveforms adapted from a video by YouTuber SynthMorph.

The first page ‘CMD’ is a quick access page that has many of controls found on the desktop version of the Virus A. The other 6 pages have nearly all the other controllable parameters for Single Mode.


Awesome work! Am a Ti2 User, so no need for it, but love to see interfaces being born here!

Hi. You did LOVELY drawings of the OSC waves, and other details. A nice example of HOW to do the controls!

Just a little correction on your description: it does NOT require to use MIDI channel 2, what it requires is that the DEVICE ID is set to 2! (since all controls are done via Sysex, which is channel-less)