Access Virus A, Fully Detailed!

This preset works on the original Access Virus (Also known as “Virus A”).


The Virus should be running on OS 2.8 (Latest for the model). You just need to set the Virus’ Device ID to 1:

[CTRL] > [MIDI] > [DeviceId]


Auto Setup

When starting the preset, it will automatically:

  • Set the Virus Channel Id to the one specified in the template editor.
  • Set the Virus to send/receive all low page parameters via CC and High Page via SysEx.
  • Enable MIDI Dump RX
  • Enable MIDI Dump TX (set to Single Buffer)

Fully Bi-Directional

Electra One’s knobs will update the virus, and the virus’ knobs will update the Electra One, even when updating from menus. This is for every single parameter (except system settings).

Patch Request

The patch request works and updates everything.

View and Edit the Patch Name

Patch name is updated on every patch request, and is fully editable.

Hides and Shows Parameters

Some of the Virus’ parameters are only functional when certain conditions are met. The preset will represent this visually by only showing the parameters that are on play.


There are still functions on the Virus that are not accessible remotely, such as:

  • Store.
  • Random Patch Generator.

Additionally, none of the Multi Timbral functions are implemented.


All the waveform drawings were pulled from the “Access Virus Rack” Preset by Ryan Gilmore. (Thanks Ryan for such an amazing and detailed work!).