More options for Active Section behavior

Using JHH’s Ableton mixer preset got me thinking about different ways to implement active section switching using the touchscreen. Right now adjusting a parameter with the touchscreen automatically switches the active section to whatever section that parameter inhabits, but would it be possible to have the active section automatically jump back to the previous one selected with the buttons? I think this would improve workflow tremendously in certain situations like the Ableton mixer preset, where the bottom 12 parameters are all momentary buttons for track selection and transport, but the top 12 are pan/volume controls that make more sense to stay locked to the encoders.


You can configure the Controller to not switch when controls are touched.
See if this section of the manual helps.

Alternately, the developer of the preset can save off the last touched area so that if you switch pages and then come back, the last active set is remembered. However, that currently requires a bit of delicate programming to capture and track, but it can be done.

(yes I’m doing it if someone else wanted to explore that option)

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Ha I should’ve guessed this was already possible, Thanks!

I understood his request a bit different, and it was a request others made as well, which is: not changing the active section on the screen when a pad is touched (while remaining on the same page).

It is usually logic upon touching an empty slot, a selection list or a fader to have the screen section change along so all encoders are now activated on that new section.

But for certain presets it would be comfortable to keep the active session unchanged, if pads are touched. There is no point in changing the encoders when touching the pad on the screen. The touch alone sufficed to change the value of the (on/off or temporary) switch

Ahh - yes, that can certainly make sense.
Like a marketing person would say – that’s definitely possible to do today!

but the very quiet caveat is that you’d need LUA code hooked into the onTouch() callbacks and do a lot of micro managing of the active control set yourself

Yeah this would be awesome to implement! I do think I can live with just having automatic active focus switching off for now tho

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indeed, and I don’t want to go there. It’s probably easier to have this as a configuraton one day than try to get this right via lua. After all, today there must be a condition in the firmware, that changes the active session on-screen-touch. It should be more easy, I expect, to add an additional condition in the firmware, based on a configuration session, than we can do via lua , trying to correct preprogrammed behaviour.

This works as is (no LUA necessary) in 3.2 with no LUA code. My Controller configuration has no boxes checked in the User Interface section.

So I’m not sure what needs to be done. With nothing checked, the Active Control Set only changes with the button pushes on the left side. I can happily have the bottom 6 faders actives and push on momentary buttons on the upper 4 rows and the encoders still control the bottom 2 rows

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does it? that’s super! :laughing: :heart_eyes:

I have yet to start playing with 3.2