Mounting the SD Card while on the app

Is there a way to upload the lua code on a preset while the SD Card is mounted?
The reason is to be able to develop lua modules and test then without having to do the full cycle of:
turn E1 off → turn on and boot E1 to firmware menu → mount card → update file → eject card → reboot

I might be missing something but why not use the editor at

the E1 SD card can mount only on the fw selection screen. The editor can only work when the electra is fully booted.

But why not upload the Lua code from the editor?

Because modules cannot be added in the editor.

I will be adding sysex calls to upload and manage files on the controller. As of v3.5 Lua and Presets can be preloaded. The sysex calls will be available on both, mk1 (there is no other way to upload the files) and mk2.

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Thanks Martin. I assumed this will be implemented in the Editor, right?
Right now, there is no easy way to test the modules in the editor without performing a long process.

I will be delivered in two steps:

  1. firmware side first - adding sysex calls to upload files to specific location
  2. adjustment of the editor so that it can be handled from the app GUI.

Thanks Martin! I’ll be waiting for the updates.