SOLVED: Mk2 Firmware 3.5 Always boots to logo and stays there, but the default preset is fine

I updated the firmware to 3.5 of a mk2, and now everytime it boots, goes to the logo. I have to press the top left button with a reset to be able to boot correctly, and then, choose the preset I want.
I tried to re-upload the firmware, but this happens with 3.4 too!

As a note, on MacOS 13.4 (ventura) there is no unmounting the E1 drive, it just does not want to unmount!

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Can you post the preset?

It happens with any preset! Actually, a selecting my blank slot 1 freezes the electra.
Is there any way to completely clean install the Electra mk2?

This is driving me mad. Even if there is no preset at all, and I delete all, it just freezes. I think the preset handling aspect is causing the crash. I really need to completely wipe all the presets, even the empty ones.

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I never imagined anybody would write 4000+ lines Lua module for E1 :slight_smile: Impressive and exciting! The issue is dealt on PM.

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This has been Solved. Thanks Martin!

For reference:

  • window.stop was called
  • lua may halt the interpreter due any problem and never reach the window.resume()

And this way, it was not refreshing anything ever again.