Multi-Element Control for the Editor

How about a Control like the ADSR’s with multiple nameable elements, but a different graphic rather than the ADSR graphic. I’m using an ADDSR to do five settings (which are not ADDSR values) since I’ve ran out of room on the page for controls. I’m using it for Key-scaling settings instead.

There has been numerous questions about more types of controls and changes to the editor in general. I’d like to everybody know that work on major update of the editor app is being done. The updated version will bring:

  1. flexible grid (controls with different sizes)
  2. easier way of adding new control types, plus number of new controls
  3. possibility to run the editor as standalone application, with both online and offline mode
  4. improved Lua development environment
  5. Improved UI design to make it easier to access all features
  6. and many more

I do not want to make promises when it is going to be released officially. The work is being done and there is steady progress.


Wow ! I knew it ! We are so lucky to have you and make so mutch work for us ! Thank you Martin and your team ! Thank you so mutch for such a great Device ! :heart_eyes:

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Awesome! Thanks Martin.

Thanks @martin, it’s very good news.

Is the update include custom functions for hardware buttons? A few weeks ago, we talked about that feature. A relevant case (for example) is to make fine adjustments when holding a button and tweaking a knob at the same time.

Maybe it’s not planed anymore?