Some ideas

I have some ideas in my head about improving your fantastic controller :wink:
I guess it would not be too difficult to implement ???

  • adding round knobs to the UI as an option to sliders

  • would make more sense when turning the poties as almost all controls on synths are round knobs)

  • adding X / Y joystick and a matrix field to the UI

  • adding a slider block to the UI

  • a small keyboard layout on the bottom

  • adding vertical sliders as option

  • would be very usefull in a mixer configuration

All these gadgets should zoom to full screen when touched directly on the screen or on the knob and showing results graphically and also numerically.

Also, I like the script from Juergen, DrivenByMoss, with the three finger gestures, which are very usefull.

  • Would it be possible to integrate such three finger gestures to the E1 ?
    • the top row moving directly to the prev / main / next page
    • the bottom row gesture series free programmable for directly accsessing often used tasks

These additional functions would make a playable music instrument (launchpad) out of your controller and very useful for playing generative patches :wink:

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Some interesting ideas here.
However, as someone with large fingers, selecting small icons/areas on a crowded screen is more frustrating than helpful. So, having icons representing larger control surfaces that can open up could be useful.

The ability to pop open a sub-window/sub-menu overlay like a numeric keypad would definitely come in handy from time to time. Sometimes typing a number in directly is faster than scrolling through 255 (or more) values and trying to create acceleration of controls/values is always tricky (or using multiple controls to deal with number up through16,000+ which can get awkward and crowd the screen as well).