Multi Timbral

What would be the best way to go about using the E1 to map a multi timbral synth like the Virus Ti2 and Waldorf Kyra? I want to map all parameters for each layer for the Waldorf Kyra. Should I use a preset per midi channel or 2 midi channels per preset if I can fit them on all the pages?

How do you utilize more than one midi channel per preset to do that?

Is there a way to speed up creating multiple layers with the same controls, but different type of midi message. Kyra is SYSEX format. For the Prophet REV 2 I created the first layer and was able to copy each page and just change the NPRN number to reflect layer 2. It doesn’t seem that simple with SYSEX. Any help would be appreciated since there is technically 8 layers

One preset can address up to 16 devices - which means up to 16 MIDI channels. if you are able to fit it in 12 pages, I would suggest using one preset.

Regarding speeding up work on layers / layouts, you can use copy & paste. Select the controls with Shift + click, copy with CMD+C, and paste to a different page with CMD+V. (CTRL+C and CTRL+V on windows I expect).

For SYSEX you need to adjust the parameter ID and the SYSEX message itself. for example, if you copied a message that had parameter 12 and you need to map it now to a parameter 35. Change it in the Parameter ID field in the form and also, change the “id” attribute in Data to 35.

The reason why this needs to be done is explained at:

Let me know if you need more assistance. Thx!

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Got it! Makes sense. Thanks again.