Novation Peak Waveforms

I really should stop buying Novation kit - they have some really weird midi implementations.


Osc 1 Wave

MSB 0 / LSB 14. Coarse values 1 - 4 select traditional waveforms (Saw, Tri etc).

MSB 0 / LSB 15 Coarse values 5 - 73 select non traditional waveforms

I can’t think of anyway of doing this other than using two controls

well not only Novaltion :slight_smile:

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Here’s a way to do it with one control:

  • create a virtual control ranging 0-63
  • give it a function selectOsc1Wave
  • in Lua create such function. In it , first try to send the same value to both NRPN’s via the midi NRPN send function. Now you control both NRPN with one control
  • depending on how the Peak behaves you might have to add a split command, making the sent valuues different when the virtual control is below, on or above 4.

I have a Summit, but didn’t start yet on it with the E1. If you want I’ll experiment with it myself and provide you the Lua code.

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Thanks, this was posted pre lua integration.

Unfortunately I’ve been very busy last few months producing and mixing an album for a vocalist. Whilst my Electra has seen lots of use I’ve not had time to do any programming.

This is the sort of thing that novation do quite frequently which pre lua required multiple controls. Hopefully I’ll find some time in the spring to jump back into programming the Electra.

Don’t let this hold up whatever you want to do on the summit. If I didn’t already have a peak, and actually had room for another 5 octave keyboard, I would definitely be buying one of those.

Well, one day I’ll make a Summit preset, but I want it to work with patch parsing. I should be making it in such a way the patch parsing also works for Peak, but I’ll need your help then in some testing.

When it comes to that, we’ll be in touch :slight_smile:


Hi @RobinC,

the Summit preset can be found here Electra One App.
It’ll work for Peak and Summit though.


Cool. Will give it a go when I’m next off work

Be aware, it has no patch parsing yet, but it does contain all parameters of the newest upgrade