[Preset] Novation Summit/peak

Hi, based on @RobinC 's work, I’m now working on a Novation Summoit preset, according to the latest firmware revision V2.0.

I’ve worked my way through the osc’s, filter, envelopes and lfo’s. Fx, mod matrices and ARP are still to be updated to firmware V2.0.

Nevertheless it’s already useful as it is.
A new feature is the “Control select” in the bottom right corner, with which you change the MIDI channel used on all controls, so you can swap between the Summit’s Gobal channel, part A or part B.
So each control is tripled that way :slight_smile:

EDIT: V0.8 Patch select added, and the fx page has been revised to work with firmware 2.0
EDIT: V0.9 The 3 mod matrix pages have been corrected and updated to firmware 2.0


The Novation Summit has a distinct feature : a double ARP section, where both sections can play independently from each other. However, it is not that easy doing so, with only one set of buttons on the Summit’s surface.

No longer with the E1; take full advantage of the Summit’s unique ARP section :smile:
Introduced now in version V1 of the Summit preset.

I still need to tweak the controls a little to make the UX as best as possible for this preset, so all suggestions are more than welcome.



Version 1.1 now has a functional Patch Mode (switch from Single to Mulit and vice versa). It didn’t want to do this at first. Cause: setting to Single Ptch Mode must happen from part A or part B MIDI channel, while setting to Multi must happen on the Global MIDI channel !

Now this is done, I was able to hide all unnecessary controls when in Single mode, and change the ARP1 MIDI channel according to chosen Path Mode as well. I hope it makes things more intuitive.