NRPN + Bass Station 2

I’ve started to do an preset for my Bass Station 2

According to Bass Station manual the waveform for Osc 1 can be set with NRPN 72. Using midi monitor I can see that BS2 is sending out CC pairs 99 and 98 with value 0 and 72 respectively and CC6 with a value between 0 and 3 depending on the waveform selected.

Firstly if I use the learn function in the Web editor it always learns it to a 7 bit CC parameter 6

If I setup the NRPN correctly in the web editor then electra sends out the correct 99 and 98 pairs but it also sends out a CC38 with a value of 0. as well as the CC6 with the correct value

However, the Bass Station always then sets the wave form to zero. It seems to be taking this from the CC38 message

As an aside the web editor always sets the Reset NRPN value to yes. If I set to no click to another control and then click back then it is set to yes

Any ideas?