Nymphes editor with semi-manual parsing

The Nymphes is a cute little box. It has a lot of modulations capabilities hidden under the hood. Time to make these visible.

**The preset contains 6 Pages¨¨

  • Main parameters + patch select
  • Reverb + LFO2 + voices parameters + patch select
  • LFO2 modulation settings
  • Modwheel modulation settings
  • Velocity modulation settings
  • Aftertouch modulation settings

Some Notes

  • Use Nymphes 2.1 firmware
  • Any unused modulation will be greyed for better patch readability
  • LFO2 can modulate LFO1 and LFO2. This is not possible on the Nyphes itself
  • On page 2 there are shortcuts to set the LFO’s into one-shot mode

Semi-automatic Parsing

  • When you change the patches on the Nymphes, Electra One will parse that preset
  • If you change the patches on the Electra One, you need to press the Nymphes’s Load button twice to make the Electra One parse the patch data (if user bank). For factory bank hold the second press.



Nymphes may be used a bit as a Juno replacement (without chorus), but it is brilliant as well as a mono synth.
Very original is the use of its chords function when in 6 voice unison, and then apply a lot of glide to it. Not many synths have this kind of glide, so I’m adding an additional ‘chords play’ page to the preset to highlight this even further.