On screen page priority bug [Solved]


I made a preset with 2 pages. On page 2, i’m using a parameter that i already used on page one. But, there are not at the same place on each page. When i’m calling the parameter on page 2, i can see it appearing at the place it has on page 1. It’s like the parameter overlays on page 2 at the place it has on page one.

Do you think it could be possible, when pages share some parameters (not at the same place on each page) to have some sort of priority (priority to the active page) for GUI?


Actually, i’m taking advantage of this “bug” in my Monologue preset :laughing:

But i guess it’s better if it gets fixed :question:

@Richard this should be fixed in the 2.0.4b beta release. As you are on beta already, would you give it a try. Seems to work just fine on my unit now. Thx!

Yes it’s fixed! :slight_smile: Now i have to update my preset :wink: