Osc to sysex conversion

Hi there.

I need to get a few rudimentary OSC commands happening over sysex, nothing too complex. I have successfully converted osc text to hex and sent it from the Electra, set fader 4 to -10 for example on my Behringer Rack X32. Where I’m struggling is how to interpret numbers and link a knob movement to a fader. Osc text 1020 is 31h 30h 32h 30h, 100 becomes 31h 30h 30. Obviously, 1=31h and 0=30h…

How do I tackle this?


30h is the ASCII value for the character 0
39h is the character 9, etc.

Pull up an ASCII on line and you’ll see the mapping.

Hey there.

I’ve seen the ASCII stuff, the problem I have is that I can’t figure out how to link a channel fader movement inside the X32 rack to a knob movement on the Electra, is this even possible? Some sort of ASCII to sysex link?