Other protocols them MIDI, possible in Electra?

As you may already know, Korg Wavestate and Modwave have very poor MIDI implementation. Korg has its own protocol that runs via USB. They use that protocol for their own editor. There is a guy who has started looking into the problem.

What I’m wondering is if it’s possible to build support for that protocol into Electra?

It doesn’t seem super likely. The way the korg works is by creating a network connection over usb and then using grpc (a high level remote procedure call interface) over the usb network connection.

This just seems like a stretch from a development perspective for something like the electra.

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Martin, please delete my post if you think it does not belong in the Electra forum. What do you members of this forum think? Is it possible to build a program that converts from KORG protocol to MIDI and back? It would make it possible to use Wavestate and Modwave in Electra.

I mean it’s probably possible and you can probably MacGyver something.

But if their MIDI implementation isn’t great, their proprietary protocol probably has some issues as well.

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Do you know where I can find documentation about their proprietary protocol or must I reverse engineer it with for example Wireshark?