Pad Toggle retrigger - Firmware version v3.2.2

Bug that retriggers the Pad Toggle on Firmware version v3.2.2.

How to reproduce:

  • Add a Pad Toggle, default values, and with the function xyz
  • Add the following function in lua:
function xyz(vo, v)
    if (v > 0) then print('ON') else print('OFF') end
  • Run the code, and go to the electra screen.
  • tap ONCE the pad. it will show ON on the console log.
00:44:27.423 lua: ON
  • tap ONCE the pad. it will show OFF on the console log.
00:44:29.703 lua: OFF
  • Tap rapidly the pad, and it will show multiple ON/OFF, but you will see that there are multiple ON and OFF together.
00:44:59.463 lua: ON
00:44:59.703 lua: OFF
00:44:59.747 lua: OFF
00:44:59.826 lua: ON
00:44:59.838 lua: ON
00:44:59.867 lua: OFF
00:44:59.883 lua: OFF
00:44:59.886 lua: OFF
00:44:59.889 lua: OFF
00:44:59.983 lua: ON
00:44:59.994 lua: ON
00:44:59.999 lua: ON
  • now, if you tap just once, it will show multiple times ON (or OFF) together.
00:46:31.065 lua: OFF
00:46:31.078 lua: OFF
00:46:31.081 lua: OFF

-The button now calls 3 times the function. If you keep tapping the button rapidly, then you will have more and more calls to the function for each press.

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I will look at that. I will be working on mk1 firmware in coming days. Thanks for reporting.

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Oh yes! forgot to say it was the MK1.