Double tap a knob to toggle a button (or reset a value)

It would be really nice to quickly toggle buttons by double-tapping a knob.

Similarly, right now there is no feature for resetting a knob value, while the reset value is part of the control configuration. Double tapping a knob could reset the value to its default.

I know there was a topic before where a similar feature was suggested, but that was for a single tap. Double-tap a knob is much less likely to occur accidentally. You could make this a setting in the Electra One configuration so it can be turned on/off if people still have issues.


I made a Template for Pot Touch Combos with Single and Double Tab. It should be quiet easy to adopt it to your needs. Just use value:getDefault() to get the Default Value and set it as the current Value.

Hope it get’s you started.

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Absolutely fantastic @busa !

I really like that feature on Moss’s Bitwig plugin. Definitely will use it especially for preset switching.

Looking now if I can make this a generic preset for the double tapping on any pot.

I still hope Electra will consider making it a generic feature, since having to adapt every preset is a lot of work.

@busa I noticed that the doubletap works on three knobs even when they are different, the preset seems to pick the last three as the page to jump to. Is this intentional?

Indeed! Good catch! Never used it like this, so didn’t run into the bug. Will fix it asap. Thanks for pointing me to the Problem!

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Thanks! However to be honest it’s quite a nice bug… it may actually prefer it :slight_smile: