Patch.onResponse() only way to get sysex?

Looking over the docs, I didn’t see an obvious way to receive a full sysex dump other than using the onResponse() callback.

Is that accurate?

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The topic was mentioned elsewhere (regarding handling incoming midi note on / off messages). There are no callback functions for incoming midi data at present time. It is possible to add them. As there is demand for that, I will do that.

If the other issue I was having (synchronization variable between two functions) is working, then it’s less of an issue for me. I can put a conditional in the onResponse() to determine whether I am just creating a list of names of all patches or doing a full edit.

That was one of the issues I had myself when trying to create a preset with lua - I would like to be able to have callbacks to any incoming MIDI. I believe Martin mentioned that the virtual knows are not handled right now by any callback.

With Sysex specific messages, I do use onResponse() as per now and peek on the bytes to know what I’m supposed to do.

Yes beining able to have callbacks on in comming midi seems very powerfull.
I really like the idea of the Electra One not only being a powerfull controller but its as well a midi processor.

I was thinking of the idea to implement a voice allocation algorithm. With this it should be possible to use devices with multiple mono channels in a polyphonic way. Or even a bunch of mono synths.
This would required in-comming midi notes to be processed and allocated to a different channel.

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