Lost/setting up 2 motorsynths

I haven’t used the electra one much since I got it, but am biting the bullet today and trying to get this to work. Some progress, but am having trouble with the docs, and getting this to fully work.

I want to have 2 editors set up (which I seem to have done successfully): the motorsynth, and then a clone of it. No problem.

What I am not getting are 2 basic things. According to the manual, if I click the top right button, it should request the patch from the motorsynth. But nothing happens when I do this, although I have bidirectional communication working through Ableton Live. I could be missing a setting in the motorsynth, but I haven’t found it yet (or perhaps the preset wasn’t programmed with this capability?).
EDIT: oh - vague memory that Live doesn’t pass through sysex. maybe that’s it. hmmmmm
EDIT #2: ok. Well, my midi monitor shows nothing happening when i click the request button. Just as a test, I downloaded a hardware synth that I don’t actually have…just to test this. when I hit request, it sends a sysex msg. So, it looks like this isn’t set up in the editor? or the info isn’t available?

But ideally what I’d like is - I go to the cloned version, and it communicates with 1 motorsynth, and then when I go to the ‘uncloned’ version, it communicates with the other one.

I have midi connected through the usb port. I don’t think I need to connect the midi din ports. as far as I can tell.

I will continue working on this, but i’m at the point where I’m concluding that I’m missing something basic.

Hope someone can help. Thanks.

Let’s communicate that in the Motorsynth thread:

thanks for your response (also in the motorsynth thread)…but I’m also trying to figure out whether it’s possible to set this up so that one copy of the editor goes to motorsynth #1, and the other to motorsynth #2. didn’t see how to set this up.