Persist state between restarts


I do not have an Electra One and I am wondering if the state of the controls is persisted between restarts, I.E. will the position of my faders / state of toggle buttons be the same as I left them after I restart the Electra One?

Assuming that the answer is yes, is it possible to individually control which control has it’s state persisted?

There are ways to take snapshots of the presets, that will memorize the value of all parameters, but by default it will loose the states. AFAIK you can’t choose yet which parameter should be kept and which one not. Such feature has been requested by a small number of users so far.

I myself work the other way round. Instead of trying to have the E1 memorize settings, I invest mostly in synths that not only have memories by themselves, but also are able to transmit those memory settings to devices such as the E1. Then the E1 can show the parameter settings as they were memorized by the synth .

What about parameterMap.keep()? According to the documentation and the C++ bindings for that function should do just what I need.