Is it possible to set up a control to send out pitchbend data. I know the editor doesn’t currently support this but can I edit a json to do this ?

I hear you @RobinC :slight_smile: I will try to get pitchbend and aftertouch to the next firmware version. I need to coordinate it with @Tomas as the changes will be needed in both the firmware and the editor.


For the time being - @RobinC I do that with a Lua function:

function handle_slider (valueObject, value)
	    local control = valueObject:getControl()
        local id = control:getId()
        local channel = id % 6
        local pitch =  math.floor( (value * 16383)/100 ) - 8192
        midi.sendPitchBend (PORT_1, channel, pitch)

Then assign handle_slider to a virtual parameter slider set values 0 to 100. Maybe this can help you.

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thanks for the tip. I’ll see if I can adapt it to what I want

Pretty much works though I’m missing the bit when pitchbend is sent to the electra to update the control. I’ll see if I can get lua to handle that

thanks for the tip though