[Preset] Revised Preset posted: OB-6


I’ve published a revised preset for the OB-6 Synthesizer. I’m making a page for it here to address any questions, problems, or other issues related to the preset if they arise.

The direct link to the preset is [HERE]

An addition is the transpose page, where it allows the sequencer to be used with transposing in semitones and/or octaves. This is a feature the OB-6 has but a bit hidden away.

Any help on making it work with patch presets would be appreciated.

Thank you.


I’ve just published a new version 1.4 for the OB-6.

What you will find as new features:

  • The meaning of the effect parameters is dynamically shown, depending on fx type
  • There is a full globals page, containing all global settings (except those that would kill the communication with the E1), including the ones not printed on the front (arp beat sync, the mpe settings and the vintage slop) ! In the lower right corner you can effectively request the globals setting from the OB-6. Be aware, OB-6 keyboard owners, you will be missing the velocity and aftertouch keyboard settings.
  • Selecting patches was already present in previous versions on the Performance page.

Now two things are left to do

  • to request and parse the patch settings
  • to provide a means to use the polyphonic aftertouch capability of the OB-6 using a monophonic aftettouch keyboard