[Preset] Roland D-550 / D-50 / VC-1 / D-05

Anybody tried to do a controller preset for Roland D-550 yet? As there are lots of parameters would be nice to save some time if someone already have done it :slight_smile:

Did you try this one: Electra One App

Thanks @NewIgnis I´ll try it!! Havn´t seen it in the library…

I was playing around with the preset from @duster, trying to adjust some minor issues. It seems to work fine with D-550 so far.

hey @Lobo

be good to see any improvements. if you want to upload yours i’ll take the old one down

did you have any joy with the part mutes?

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So the VC-1 acts as a completely seperate synth from within a Roland V-synth?

Do inform me as well. I have plans to work on a D-05 preset , but would like to do so on top of the work of you both.It would be great if the both of you once in a while test out the changes I 'd apply for my D-05 and see how they apply on a Varios Vc-1 or on a D-550. What I’d do is add a line at the beginning of the lua code where everyone can indicate if their synth is a D-05, D-550, D-50 or a Varios and alter specific settings for controls accordingly.

In other words, we keep it as one preset, but f.i. the shown waveforms could then be different for each model…
Every improvement made would then be applicable to all three of us.

What do you think?

yes, the vc-1 card turns the 1st v-synth into a d-50, both vc cards were included inside the xt

it makes perfect sense to have one preset that fits all, i’m happy to test any changes over here… even happier if someone cleverer than me can work out the part mutes sysex and patch request/update

It would be great if we could work on it together. I once statred on your preset, but it’s been an while now, because I’ve been concentrating on other presets first.

Nevertheless here’s a bit of work in process. It’s not going to be an easy one: it’ll need to consume all pages, unless we find a way to use the same pages again for each of the 4 partials…

Would that be a good way , or should we stick to seeing all 4 partials at the same time?
Also the colour schema is not yet worked out.


@duster I think I found a way to have 4 toggle buttons for Partial MUTE like on the hardware Synth.

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I did a colour schema but still not shure if it is the right approach… In other presets I used the colours to distinguish VCO from FILTER etc. But this time I decided to have one main colour for each partial to make it easier to realize an which partial I´m working because the group names and page names are quite small… For shure with so many parameters everyone will have his own preferences how to group them according to his individual workflow. For me it´s fine to have all the partials on seperate sets of pages. If we do it with some kind of page-flip to stay on the same page just changing the layer for the 4 partial it means that even there you need to push a button or something to change to another partial so its not much quicker than the routine to hold down the menu button and touch one of the rotaries to select another page…
Electra One App

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Hi, I’ about to embark on this journey…

I’ll try to stick to the following principles:

  • it must work for all device types
  • patch parsing must be part of it
  • if i ran into memory issues, it might be the effects parameters will not be parsed fully and / or name parsing will be dropped.

After all there are about 250 parameters, so we’ll be needing all of the E1’s memory.

I’ll be publishing the intermediary work for you guys to test or comment on.

Hi guys,
check this mock up please, based on lobo’s work Electra One App
I believe as well a base colour per partial is the good way forward here.
But I used yellow instead of blue for upper partial 2, because I typically use blue for all controls that are only relevant by keyboard impact, or by real time behaviour (modulation wheel, velocity, aftertouch) and I found it not intuitive to use another colour for it.

What is different (per page) compared to Lobo’s proposal:


  • ‘tuning upper and lower’ has been moved to the upper and lower pages
  • other controls slightly moved position to free up the lowest row
  • lowest row is used for program selection (not functional yet)


  • Everything to do with (fixed) tuning has been moved into these pages, to free up space on the WG/TVF pages. The tuning methodes on the D-50 /D-05 are quite complex in my opinion, so I bundled them on one page (split between upper and lower still) for a good overview.


  • I left out the yellow colour for the filter part, instead chose white for the main filter parameters (cutoff and resonance) as well as for all non-pitch EG’s.


  • Rows 1 and 2 are moved down to rows 3 and 4 to be more or less in the same position as the TVF parameters


  • no crucial changes

other pages

  • still to edit those, so disregard them please


Next steps
I will first make the patch select work, and will then change all controls to be working according to a appropiate MIDI channel. For this the 3d byte in all Sysex messages must be made variable, as this so called DEV-ID is dependent on the MIDI channel, and I believe we should allow the change the base channel easily.

great work gentlemen!

really nice we have part mutes @Lobo thank you

don’t have my d50 (vc1) plugged into my set-up at present but scanning through the presets online both newer versions appear to be more organised than mine and I’m happy to go with your colour choices

@NewInges when you say patch select, do you mean program change? and will it be possible to eventually have patch request?

First things first:

  • program change? yes sir
  • patch request? certainly !

However, given the amount of parameters, we might not be able to do them all. We’ll need to see as we evolve.
I rather want to convert Lobo’s preset to become universal so we all can use it, than complete but ‘for me only’ :slight_smile:

Thanks for joining the club @NewIgnis :slight_smile: Will it be any problem to change parameter positions / pages afterwards if they will be (one day…) included in the patch parsing? Or will this just be done by the ELECTRAs internal parameter number? As there are some changes you did that affect my programming workflow it would be important to know if every user can rearrange the layout once it is working?
For example it is essential for me to have the Upper/Lower Key shift and Fine Tune on the “PATCH” page, because as a MKS user I still used to treat sounds and patches in a different way as you needed to store them seperarely on the MKS :wink: So once I am satisfied with the upper an lower parts I start to adjust the patch settings and with the changed layout it means, that i have to go to the upper / lower pagees again just to have them slightly detuned in the patch. For the same reason I prefer to have the WG pitch coarse and fine on the coresponding partials page and not on the general upper / lower page (maybe because it follows the original workflow on the D-550 itself…)
Without any doubt the ELECTRA made me start programming the D-550 again. As i never had a hardware programmer and I hate doing sounddesign an screen with the mouse, I was mostly just editing things I already had instead of doing new sounds for the last decades :slight_smile:

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Well it might. most of the parameters won’t mind being shifted around, except those that are conditional.
For instance the location of the chase function will be relevant, because I will hide those controls when the mode is different from ‘whole’ or ‘dual’. (try it out, it’s already programmed). For the same reason I will hide the filter functons that can’t be applied when you choose a PCM waveform.

I can imagine that may be an influence to you, so I would appreciate if you shuffle around once again my preset to your liking. Right now I’m only working on page one, so you can still do your thing.

I’m not an MKS user so I rather follow your logic than my own, as mine is theoretical and yours is based on experience !

Quite curious how my own patch page was slowly creeping back towards your set-up :smiley:

Changes applied to the patch page:

  • You can now change the MIDI channel of the device. The controls will change accordingly.
  • I’ve moved the Upper/Lower Key shift and Fine Tune back to the patch page, and eventually put the lower part to the left again, and the upper to the right, jusrt like Lobo did
  • “patch select” has been added and is functional now
  • added graphics to “output mode” (trying to avoid diving into manuals!)
  • changed parameter numbers to correspond with the sysex address numbering
  • changed the ranges according to the D-05 manual. That meant changing ranges 0…127 to 0…100

Check out the PATCH page !

The night brought counsel. I wanted to get Lobo’s pitch control placement as he wants it, but there was always one parameter more than room to place the controls…
So my proposed solution is currently just a mock up, that works on upper partial 1: By controlling the structure of ‘upper general’ on the patch page, you will see the following happen:

  • if a PCM partial is chosen, the TVF page will be fully hidden, and the WG parameters will appear on the TVA page. So there is only one page left for a PCM partial.
  • if a SYN partial is chosen, the TVF page will contain the WG parameters. The WG parameters on the TVA page will disappear, so logical order WG => TVF => TVA, spread over 2 pages, is restored.

As an option I could always leave the first 6 controls on the TVF page visible…

I also found a different address in the original preset for upper partial PWM velocity. I changed it in the sysex to “00”,“09” as documented for the D-05. Check if that is the same for a D-550 of VC-1 please.

this is really great @NewIgnis. if you don’t mind sharing, whats your procedure for allowing parameters to alter the state of a page?

i put the preset in my electra and this works really well… will take me a while to organise the midi in the new rack my varios is sat in. i’ll check as soon as i’m sorted

Hi @duster I don’t mind sharing at all, the more we all know the richer we all make presets :slight_smile:

It’s just I don’t really understand your question. As far is I know, I’m not changing the state of a page. Can you clarify your question please?