Radio Buttons for selecting one out of many options

It would be nice to be able to “group” A bunch of Pad Toogle buttons to act as a “Radio Buttons”. By that I mean:

  • allow only one of the buttons to be “ON”
  • of a different button is pressed, only that one is ON and the rest are OFF

For now I am “faking” this with the Button’s color in LUA. But as this is a standard type of buttons, it would be nice if Electra supported it.

For some context, I am trying to make a Preset for the Volca Drum. Each drum part consists of 2 layers. And each Layer contains:

  • One Sound source that can be: SIN, SAW, HP NOISE, LP NOISE, BP NOISE
  • One PITCH Mod Type that can be: RISE/FALL, LFO, RANDOM

One could model/display this as a List with all the different combinations, but then all the params are hidden away. I am working to create something like this editor