Touch Screen Response/Event Configuration

I would love to be able to turn of the feature to select one of three rows by touch input.


I use the Electra one as a performance controller. it is not about programming a synth but as modulating them during a jam or a performance. When doing so, a lot of stuff is done more or less blind. You reach your hand to a button and twist it while doing other stuff with the other hand. that is quite often doing 2 things per hand at a time.
Sometimes but quite regularly I reach to the Electra one but nothing happens (or better, something that was not expected changes). The reason is, that I somehow touch the screen and select the bottom row, and then turn a different value then I indented.

It would be great if there were some config part (afaik can you send a JSON to the Device to manage midi routing etc.), where I could turn that feature of. I could still change the row with the 3 buttons.

Should not effect anyone, if it is a config setting that is disabled by default.

Thanks, Jens

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@Uija - just checking. It is basically the same as requested in Using pads without activating a section?

Oh, I also like his idea, but no, not really.
I would like to be able to turn off touch on inactive areas completely (Well, I would be okay to turn off touch all together, if buttons would work by touching the matching knob).


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