Roland MKS-30 (Tauntek) for manual JX-3P Audio Dump Import

Published this just now: Electra One App

Based on @Bohdan 's NRPN editor for Roland MKS30 with Johannes Hausensteiner firmware (V2.7+). Thank you!

This is a CC editor for manually importing Roland JX-3P patches that from tables derived through the Phaysis JX-3P Tape Dump Patch Decoder.
( Roland JX-3P Tape Dump Patch Decoder – Phaysis )

The Patch Decoder produces values from 0 to 255 in a table format. Although patches from the JX-3P and MKS-30 are similar it is tricky to import them on the synth itself as the resolutions are different (and sometimes the scaling too, but that needs to be adjusted by hand). No patch recall in the editor.

I made this editor to be able to streamline my manual import from the derived tables as there seem to be not a lot of MKS-30 patches around and I mainly found tape dump audio versions of the JX-3P that the MKS cannot read.

Hope this is of interest to someone else than me.
As well I’m trying to get the “normal” version of this with the nicer envelope display finished as well.

Please let me know if there is anything that should be changed.

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I have updated the preset after entering a number of patches…
The original version by @Bohdan is nice and clean, but the sequence of the data from the decoder is just different… That’s why I changed the sequence of the paramters…

I know this is a rare usage case, but wanted to share it anyways.