Roland MKS w/Tauntek from exsisting preset

Hey there,

This is my first attempt of creating a preset for the Electra One.
I used the Roland MKS-30 w/JH preset by Bohdan as starting point, replaced the commands with CC and threw out the functions the Tauntek upgrade doesn’t cover…
So far it is working well.

But I would like to expand it with patch request.
Now I’m not sure the MKS-30 w/Tauntek upgrade can actually send a single patch via MIDI… I have not been able to find anything on that so far… (at least it will not load single patch JX-3p .syx files I found online…)

Any pointers how to go from here?

Thank you!

If you want the mks30 to respond to patchrequest, you need to change the midi thru into a midi out as explained by tauntek here

Have you done this or are you going to do this?

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Thank you, @NewIgnis. Yes, my MKS-30 has been modified to allow for that.
I am able to dump a whole bank via SYSEX.


I read on on Tauntek’s midi but as far as I can tell his solution dumps all 64 programs at whici is a very sizable sysex of about 3000 bytes, which currently isn’t supported by the E1.

Anyways it would be quite limiting, as it isnot foreseen out of the box to go and parse the same controller data from 64 different places depending on what patch you want to retrieve

If I were you, I’d talk to mr Grieb first if he has any plans to provide a memory dump for the MKS30, along with a memory dump request

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Thank you @NewIgnis !

That makes a lot of sense! Planning to upgrade the MKS-30 as soon as the new KIWI MKS-30 with PWM upgrade is coming out, so maybe this is as far as it can go for now then… I’ll still reach out to him. Good idea!

The kiwi upgrade is indeed promising and has the dump request and Sysex parameter changes. Be aware though the kiwi sysex may lock up your mks30 if you send it sysex data with values that are out of range. Be sure you have made afull backup of the sounds before experimenting with sysex messages.

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Thank you, @NewIgnis ! I did a backup just this morning and will keep that in mind. There is no word yet when this new upgrade is going to be released, so I just sent Bob Grieb a message to see what can be done while still on Tauntek upgrade…


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Update from Bob Grieg: “No further updates are likely once a project is finished.”

Fair enough! :slight_smile:

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