[Preset] Roland JV-1080

Here’s a first try of a Roland JV-1080 patch editor.
Feedback & suggestions appreciated.


This preset is dedicated to edit patches of the Roland JV-1080.

Since a patch can have up to 4 tones, one of the 4 tones can be selected on pages which contain tone specific parameters. When a tone is selected, its current parameter values are requested from the synth.

The individual configuration regarding expansion boards and PCM cards can be configured in LUA, see below (Configuration).

Page Patch Main

This page is for selecting patches, switching Tones and the most usual parameters of a patch and a selected tone

“Patch Number” changes or “Prev Patch”/“NextPatch” only send Bank Select (controlled by “Patch Bank”) and Program Change commands when the button “Enable PC” is switched on (to prevent from unintentional program changes and loss of temporary changes).

While patch names are retrieved from the synth, waves names can be defined in LUA (since they’re not provided by the synth sysex). The preset/builtin waves are yet defined, the others depend o the individual configuration of expansion boards and PCM cards.

The bender range on this page doesn’t differentiate between lower and upper bend, i.e. changes will affect lower/upper simultaneously.

Page TVA & TVF

TVA & TVF parameters on this page are tone specific for the currently selected tone

Page Pitch & Scale

Pitch and LFO depth parameters on this page are tone specific for the currently selected tone, except Patch Octave

Master tune and scale tune can be edited here as well but are system global (and stored immediately in the synth)

Page Commons & Kbd

Some patch common parameters as well as tone specific parameters regarding keyboard note & control assignments and playing features

Page LFO & Wave Detail

Tone specific wave details like Gain, FXM, Delay, Booster

LFO 1 & 2 parameters and destination depths

Tempo & sync also available on this page to control the LFOs

Page Patch Effects

This page contains effect parameters for a patch (Chorus, Reverb, EFX)

Tone specific effect parameters (Output, Level, Chorus&Reverb send) are available on the Patch Main page

EFX parameters & control sources are available depending on the selected EFX type

Page Controller Matrix

Assignment of patch specific (blue & green) and system global (yellow) control source assignments

Tone specific controller destinations & depths

Page Midi & System

Global Midi, System & Controller settings

Configuration of the preset (violett):

  • Midi Channel to be used for Patch changes
  • DIN Midi Port 1 or 2 to be used
  • Device Id of JV 1080 for sysex
  • Default PCM Card (if configured)

Configuration of Expansion Boards & PCM cards

The individual configuration of boards and PCM cards has to be done in the LUA script

At the beginning of the script enter the id and label, number of patches and number of waveforms

if a slot is not used, set the id=0

-- Individual JV1080 config

--- PCM Cards

PCM_CARD[1] = { id = 7, label = "PCM7 Orch FX", max = 29, waves = 54 }

PCM_CARD[2] = { id = 3, label = "PCM5 Accordion", max = 20, waves = 31 }

--- Expansions

EXP = {}

EXP[1] = { id = 10, label = "EXP-A:B&D", max = 204, waves = 241 }

EXP[2] = { id = 3, label = "EXP-B:Orch", max = 111, waves = 73}

EXP[3] = { id = 97, label = "EXP-C:Exp III", max = 100, waves = 34 }

EXP[4] = { id = 0, label = "", max = 0, waves = 0 }

For each expansion or card the wave names can be defined at the end of the LUA script:
PCM Cards:

-- Wave Names PCM Card 7

if ( PCM_CARD[1].id ~= 0) then

    waveBank = GlobWaveName[0x0100+PCM_CARD[1].id]`
    waveBank[1]="Gliss Maj"



Expansion Boards

-- Wave Names EXP-A

if(EXP[1].id ~= 0) then
waveBank = GlobWaveName[0x200 + EXP[1].id]

waveBank[1]="MM Slap Bs A"




For my expansion Board SR-JV80-03 Board the sending of wave number
fails (Receive Data Error), this is reprodicable with MidiQuest

When JV is in GM Mode, no switch to Patch or Perform is possible

My PCM Card No 5 (Accordion) delivers groupId 3


  • Pages with palette functions
  • Save patch
  • Performance & Rythm Editor